Wednesday, June 10, 2009

and the winner is... Lumenocity!

Lumenocity, by Sean Bryen, Sascha Crocker and Andrew Daly last night won the 702 ABC Sydney People's Choice Award, havng been voted the most popular installation among the 25 light art pieces on show for this year’s Light Walk.

Lumenocity, located outside Customs House, creates an amazing glowing landscape that people can wander through and contemplate the energy consumed by the city on a daily basis.

You should definately get down there and check it out!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

VOTE for your favourite artwork!

ABC 702 Sydney are running a People's Choice award for the Smart Light Sydney Light Walk. Get your vote in for your favourite installation now! Voting closes 10 June. You can vote online here, just click on the vote button:

Happy voting.

FRIDAY 29TH MAY: Light Walk

Tonight, Friday 29th May, is the first night for the guided tours of Smart Light Sydney’s Light Walk. 25 installations from Sydney Opera House, through Circular Quay, Sydney’s infamous Rocks, and concluding at Sydney Observatory, showcase dazzling, creative and innovative works of art by local and international artists.

These Light-art works utilize Smart Lighting; i.e.: energy efficient light sources, interactive technology, real time footage… showing examples of Theatrical lighting techniques, architectural lighting, theatrical based projects, and sculptural pieces.

For three weekends Friday and Saturday (and Sunday for the long weekend), guided tours start from Sydney Opera house roundabout at end of Macquarie st, and finish at Observatory rotunda. Times are: 6.30, 7.30. 8.30pm, and go for about an hour- hour & half. By Siobhan McNabb

Then... When Doves Fly

After the launch I headed along circular quay to Customs house, enjoying the Light Walk art works along the way…. When the Doves cry is the theatrical performance based installation by Mary-Anne Kyriakou, founder of Smartlight Sydney, and Joe Snell, Sydney based Architect. Set within the foyer of customs house sits a baby-grand amidst a frost of metal rods, and a flock of white doves, white powder-coated reflectors. Some of These doves house LED light sources within.

Mary-Anne, also a composer, created a piano piece especially for this work. The leds are responsive to certain notes and chords, so when played, the orchestrated leds turn on and off, and change intensity – thus creating a sense of movement through the flock of doves.

To herald the launch of this intervention Mary-Anne, her self, played the piano, the doves flew and hovered in undulating waves, as the soft lyrical notes resonated through the foyer. This is certainly a must see. During the tours there will be a professional pianist playing Mary-Anne's composition for all the experience this installation. By Siobhan McNabb

TUESDAY 26th MAY: Vivid Launch

Vivid launch party was last night to officially open its many festivals; Luminous, creative Sydney and Smart Light Sydney. Held at the Overseas Terminal on the West side of Circular Quay within the rocks area, we over looked the water, and the piece de-résistance; the Sydney Opera House.

After the Speeches we counted down for the flick of the switch….and bang, the Opera house Sails were in full bloom, lit by artist Brian Eno. 1000 images will cover the sails during this 3 week festival, not 1 image will be repeated. The colorful abstract compositions (not sure if there is any concept behind the work) are projected by 14 video projectors using custom lens created for the Beijing Olympic Games. These were housed above the terminal where we were drinking, eating and being entertained by live Djs and singers, roller-skater in white suits with LED umbrellas, and dark figures covered in glow-sticks walking on stilts.

The set-up of the venue was extremely impressive; the largest LED screen I have ever been witness to was the back drop spanning the whole space, approx 30meters by 8meters high. The graphics were dynamic with festivals logos and other dynamic color patterns. The Side walls were draped in black curtains with sparkly star colored LEDS. Glowing opal acrylic large bars for gathering around, were Placed around the polished concrete floor. The main bar was also in glowing color beneath the Led screen, not that it was required as the service was impeccable – free flowing bubbles, wines, beers and soft drinks, the food delicious too, but Peter and Jo catering – yum! And the Balcony over the water, views of the Sails…all added to a great party, one of the best. A party which you felt special to be attending. By Siobhan McNabb

MONDAY 25TH MAY: Light Walk Set Up

The artists are placing up and finishing their final touches on their Light-Art works for the much anticipated Light Walk. I was lucky enough to go tonight for my tour guide induction while the artists were setting up their works. An amazing array of works and lighting techniques.

While Alex Haw’s work at the rotunda wasn’t completed, I could recognize the affect will be amazing, his relaying weather patterns form across Australia and projecting them on the inside of the domed ceiling.

I met Reinhard Germer who has works with his colleagues from Meinhardts Lighting, Sydney, placed through park. Blue LEDS up-light tree trunks, while a shadow patterns are cast down from the branches illuminating a park bench below.

Francesco Mariotti of Switzerland has a very Smart art piece. Attached on to a wire patrician wall, small recycled PET bottles house green Leds, which flash and create moving patterns in a totally random manner, and when a person goes towards this wall of green Fire Flies, the flashing pattern changes.

The Ghosts of the Rocks huddle mysteriously under a canopy of trees, their faces glowing white from behind their long grey cloaks… There are many many art works of all degrees to take in… so please go and enjoy yourself on the walk.

Also – another smart note – is that you can use Blue-tooth on the walk – and see information on the artists and sculptures while you walk for more information take a look at the SMARTLIGHT towers strategically placed along the route. By Siobhan McNabb

Siobhan McNabb

We are proud to have Siobhan McNabb as a guest blogger, Siobhan is a Senior Architectural Lighting Consultant for Euroluce Lighting Australia. She will give you insight into the action packed opening week of Smart Light Sydney!