Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Then... When Doves Fly

After the launch I headed along circular quay to Customs house, enjoying the Light Walk art works along the way…. When the Doves cry is the theatrical performance based installation by Mary-Anne Kyriakou, founder of Smartlight Sydney, and Joe Snell, Sydney based Architect. Set within the foyer of customs house sits a baby-grand amidst a frost of metal rods, and a flock of white doves, white powder-coated reflectors. Some of These doves house LED light sources within.

Mary-Anne, also a composer, created a piano piece especially for this work. The leds are responsive to certain notes and chords, so when played, the orchestrated leds turn on and off, and change intensity – thus creating a sense of movement through the flock of doves.

To herald the launch of this intervention Mary-Anne, her self, played the piano, the doves flew and hovered in undulating waves, as the soft lyrical notes resonated through the foyer. This is certainly a must see. During the tours there will be a professional pianist playing Mary-Anne's composition for all the experience this installation. By Siobhan McNabb

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