Wednesday, June 3, 2009

MONDAY 25TH MAY: Light Walk Set Up

The artists are placing up and finishing their final touches on their Light-Art works for the much anticipated Light Walk. I was lucky enough to go tonight for my tour guide induction while the artists were setting up their works. An amazing array of works and lighting techniques.

While Alex Haw’s work at the rotunda wasn’t completed, I could recognize the affect will be amazing, his relaying weather patterns form across Australia and projecting them on the inside of the domed ceiling.

I met Reinhard Germer who has works with his colleagues from Meinhardts Lighting, Sydney, placed through park. Blue LEDS up-light tree trunks, while a shadow patterns are cast down from the branches illuminating a park bench below.

Francesco Mariotti of Switzerland has a very Smart art piece. Attached on to a wire patrician wall, small recycled PET bottles house green Leds, which flash and create moving patterns in a totally random manner, and when a person goes towards this wall of green Fire Flies, the flashing pattern changes.

The Ghosts of the Rocks huddle mysteriously under a canopy of trees, their faces glowing white from behind their long grey cloaks… There are many many art works of all degrees to take in… so please go and enjoy yourself on the walk.

Also – another smart note – is that you can use Blue-tooth on the walk – and see information on the artists and sculptures while you walk for more information take a look at the SMARTLIGHT towers strategically placed along the route. By Siobhan McNabb

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